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Thread: SMF vs phpBB

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    Which free forum script you like most ? phpBB or SMF ? I like SMF because it has all mods you want and now great themes also security is pretty good. phpBB has lot of great themes though.

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    It looks kinda like vBulletin :P
    And has a lot of add ons..

    What's up with the "vd" isn't t suppose t by "vs".
    Lemme change it...

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    i like phpbb its try get vb fetures

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    the point system is VERY good

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    SMF is good and also installing mods is easier compared to phpbb

  6. What about MyBB?
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    Features wise MyBB is good but then there are better features in other boards and now there are many alternatives aswell

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    more powerfull with more options and easy to work

    I manage three smf forums

    ML BiH - Manager League Bosnian Community - Index
    Folk Metal Forum - Index
    Bosanski Brod - početna

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    I like SMF just because of the extra themes and security it provides..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    What about MyBB?
    I used MyBB throughout all of my foruming attempts. Worth the price.

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