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    As users what do you think about smileys? Do you use them? Do you mind if there not your type? Do you use smileys from different sites and use them as codes?

    If you didn't like the smileys would you not use them or request for them to change?

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    Re: Smileys

    I do use them and I don't mind them if I'm not in particularly keen on them... I'll still use them and as for requesting to change them, wouldn't do that either, it's not really a big deal to me.

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    Re: Smileys

    I use them, do I care if a forum has a lot or just the basics or not at all? No I could care less.

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    Re: Smileys

    [quote name="Daniel"]I use them, do I care if a forum has a lot or just the basics or not at all? No I could care less.[/quote]

    I feel the same way. Yes, I have had my fair share of, "you guys need to get better smileys", but I have just as many people who think the default ones we have are just fine, and plenty enough to choose from, and that's how I feel too at the moment. We may install one more smiley pak in the future, but I for one am pretty happy with the default ones we have now. I used to love the ones PHPBB2 had. There was a Smurf smiley and a green frog/alien smiley that was actually kind of cute. ALthough I don't know how a frog that looks like an alien can emphasize how one is feeling though??

    Post Edit: If you want to know what I mean about the frog, alien, whatever the heck it's called :lol2: here's the topic where a friend of mine is playing with the smileys that we had on the new board: ... c.php?t=51 It's actually a hilarious post really.

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    Re: Smileys

    I use a nice set of smilies most of the time.

    When I install a forum software I usually get rid of the forum's smilies and replace them.

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    Re: Smileys

    I tend to use smilies all the time. Helps with making jokes.

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    I try to find smilies that I would find my users actually using. Having 300 smilies and none of them ever being used is a waste of dataspace. I don't use smilies that often though.

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