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Thread: Staff breaking rules?

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    I know admins have dealt with this problem, so please speak up. What do you do when a staff member constantly breaks a forum wide and staff wide rule? Like locking topics because they dont like them, or giving a member a warning for no reason, but still is part of the good staff and is a good staff member.

    Usually I would give the staff member only one chance, after that is is demoted and placed in a demoted staff group (just like banned, but still able to post like a regular member). And would give the demoted staff member 1-5 months to cool off, and maybe give them another chance, but not as full staff, jsut like part time staff, cant lock topics, or warn members. Just mark stuff as a follow up and some other stuff.

    So, what would you do if a staff member/or the whole staff are breaking your rules?

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    Sack them for the staff and give them the option of remaining on the site as a poster which would entirely be their choice as long as they stick to the rules

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    I agree, but what if all of the staff is doing it? You cant really fire them all because thats the staff helping running the forums.

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    It depends on the severity of the offence. If it's something minor like double posting then I won't fire them but if it's something major like being abusive to members then yes, they will be demoted.

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    I'll either warn them or demote them. Depends on the situation.

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    If staff break rules, they get one warning, then they get banned, and stripped of thier title. They're supposed to uphold the rules, so I treat them more severely than if it was a normal user.

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    I think they should be sacked because if you let them get away with doing it once, they will do it again and again. Perhaps if they do it once and are sorry it's different.

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    What I would do is:

    After 1 time: I would give them a warning

    After 2 times: I would demote them, with an explanation why

    After 3 times: I would ban them for a while

    After that if they continue, I will permanently ban them

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    But like, there the staff, the people who are supposed to follow the rules, and make sure members follow the rules. If the staff doesnt follow there own rules, the forum is going to seem crappy, and peoplem ay just get up and leave.

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    I break rules all the time 0.0 its the only point in running a forum.

    Joking, uhh, to be honest I'm fairly relaxed with petty kind of rules. It's fun to have spammy staff for the users, if staff are flaming/offending users then I'll kick their sodding arses right out of the back entrance.

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