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Thread: Are staff paid or voluntary?

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    On your forum/website, are your staff paid or voluntary? Mine are a mixture.

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    Voluntary. I mean -- they're not doing anything for a pay, but we try to make them feel well appreciated, and try to keep everything going well so that they are happy to be working there =P They don't seem to complain about it. And I think they do a great job, nevertheless

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    my staff are voluntary, and they are great

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    My staff is also voluntary, and they do an amazing job keeping the forum clean. Maybe when my forum expands and more profit comes in, I'll cut them in.

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    My forum staff are voluntary, but everyone is doing a very good job of keeping the place running when I can't be around, so that really helps my workload.

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    On my forum and forums that I've worked on in the past it has been completely voluntary. However we do receive some benefits that other members don't like advertising space, etc. But no we are not paid.

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    My staff are all volunteers but they sometimes give themselves Platinum LOL.

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    I think nearly all staff are voluntary unless it's an official forum of some sort. Some people would die to be a moderator on a forum lol.

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    Voluntary as that means they care more about the forum.

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    All my staff are voluntary. I don't have the money to pay them. I most likely would pay them if I had the money. But most likely if you had the money you would get better staff.

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