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Thread: Staff Problem :(

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    Well, my forum is fairly new and when I started I invited a few of my friends. They were active for a while so I offered them staff positions. I gave one global moderator position, and the other 2 contest staff positions. Lately they have been pretty inactive and the G-mod hasn't even logged in since the 13th. I have sent them each pm's but have gotten no replies. I don't want to demote them for fear of it ruining our friendships, but I don't want them to be staff since they are inactive.

    What should I do?

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    The hard part of operating a business is making the tough decisions......

    It is very difficult to mix business and friendship.....

    You could appoint new staff and ignore your "friends"

    Just a few thoughts..

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    I don't want to ignore my friends. i want them to be active on the forum, but I just don't know how to motivate them

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    If they do not respond to your messages ...are they friends?

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    Yeah. I talk to them regularly, but this week is vacation week.

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    I just made the decision of firing my Admin, who was spamming my board a lot. He didn't mean any harm, just having some fun but he was being immature. And, he was my very good friend. Still, I can't have bad images popping up about my forum, so I did what I had to do. If your friends are mature they will understand that. And, if they work harder on being active maybe they can regain their positions.

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    Just demote them, if they come back on and become active promote them again. Not a hard decision to make really.

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    [quote name='SuperNero' date='22 April 2010 - 04:52 AM' timestamp='1271933579' post='14309']

    Just demote them, if they come back on and become active promote them again. Not a hard decision to make really.


    It is when dealing with friends...

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    I have given them all until the end of the week. if they comeback and post and be active they can keep their job. if not, then they are demoted

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    Okay, and continue to back activity up for all staff. But, also make it clear they may regain their position back if they're active. That will give them hope, and maybe inspire them to continue being active! Please tell us how it goes.

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