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Thread: Start your forum

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    Start your forum

    Ok, wana start your own forum?

    Ill tell you here..

    1.) Go to this Free forum host.

    2.) Register your own forum & and complete the email code.

    3.) Now, Login to your forums ACP (Admin Control Panel)

    4.) Cofigurate the board settings to your idea of the forum.

    5.) Now add some forums (Try get some giod forums that keep members coming)

    6.) Select your forum style.

    7.) Get a cool banner and Favicon to go with your forum.

    8.) now, logout of your phpbb3 ACP and post on all the topics you made in your ACP.

    9.) Advertise your forum On one of these:

    Community Forum

    Promotion Forum

    10.) enjoy !

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    Re: Start your forum

    thats a cool guide! Thanks

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    Re: Start your forum

    I looked for the best free forum host, try the link..


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    Re: Start your forum

    they all have great things about them except Freeforums

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    Re: Start your forum

    I guess its better to make your forum all by yourself, by getting a host, uploading script and installing forum.

    That way you are gonna learn how to actually make a forum

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    Re: Start your forum

    Yeah. Thanks for this one.

    Thank uuuuuu

    Edit :

    Promotion Forum i can't understand the language !

    Community Forum, where is that? i can't open this link

    Help !

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    Re: Start your forum

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    Re: Start your forum

    What about Zetaboards or Invisionfree, freeforums, 7 or Ipb? Those are much better than Zetaboards IMO and you gotta give people choices.

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    Re: Start your forum

    Cool and quick guide, cheers.

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    Re: Start your forum

    freeforums Fail i would not recommend

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