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Thread: Summer Sizzler Contest

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    The Hazey Summer Sizzler Contest

    1st June - 30th June 2010.

    A month long posting contest with the member with the most posts within that month winning $10 dollars. All you have to do is be registered or register by May the 31st and submit you entry by replying to the news topic on our forum by clicking here before 10pm GMT on the 31st of May. We will then keep a track of eveyones post count and the user with the most wins the cash.

    There will be cash prizes for 2nd & 3rd as well as a cash prize for the top poster for each week, Anyone is allowed to enter except myself and Sazhazey. Please read our Forum & Contest Rules before entering.

    Contest Rules

    • You must be registered and have posted your entry by 10pm GMT by the 31st May

    • All posts must follow our site rules, anyone breaking our forum rules will be given a Yellow Card for first offence and should you break it again a Red Card will be issued and you will be disqualified from the competition.

    • Every post counts so no matter where you post on our forum it will count towards you total

    • We will update this post every 7 days with a leader board, the person with the most posts at the end of each week will win $3 dollars

    • A the start of the competition I will post a list of all the users who have entered along with their starting post count so no one can cheat etc.

    • The overall winner will win $10, 2nd place £7 and 3rd place $3.

    • My decision is final and all prize money will be paid via paypal.

    To enter simple post a reply here

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    Application's for this close tomorrow guys

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    If you are wanting to join in with this fantastic competition then I suggest you get over to TheHazey now, and register as the deadline for enteries is tonight.


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