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Thread: Swearing

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    What are the rules regarding swearing on your forum?

    Here at Admin Community it is allowed providing it is in moderation and not aimed at people.

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    If you dont allow swearin/cursing, try get a mod to replace certain words you dont want to be said on your forum... I'm sure your forum should come with it built in... Just like SBFC said, I also allow Swearing but aslong as it isint used towards other members

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    I dont personally use it on forums, but I do allow it. But if its directed at the staff or somebody, then it will be removed.

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    Personally, a few curse words a post doesn't bother me as long it is not referring to a type of people in this world.

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    I agree with the rules here; as long as it's not aimed at anyone in an offensive way and it's not OTT it's fine, we use it in day to day life so why not on forums.

    I understand obviously if there are younger members on the forum, in which case they can have the swear filter on.

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    we do allow swear words as long as its not used in hatred towards other posters and we do also have a very small filter in place for the worse words.

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    Depends. If there is a post with lots of swears in it I'd delete the post, if its just something like "oh shit I forgot" I wouldn't mind.

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    Lol, we should be mature enough to use it properly XD So we allow it, however no flaming or ban ban.. hehe But yes, it is very much allowed =P

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    I have no restrictions on cursing, but if it gets out of hand, I will hand our referrals and bans.

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    My forum does not impose restrictions on swearing at all. We actually encourage a "no-holds-barred" environment. Despite the wide level of freedom we allow, there is very little cussing.

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