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    Team Leaders

    What are your thoughts on Team Leaders?

    I think for this type of forum they are important however if you are running a general chat forum or forums in the majority of niches, you don't need team leaders.

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    Re: Team Leaders

    They are good for promotion forums as if a member of the package team for example has a problem, he can talk to his leader about it and it will save the admins being constantly pm'ed.

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    Re: Team Leaders

    I call them Crew Managers, and on general forums, they are just trying to use creative ideas that don't work.

    On my new forum, Team Leaders are like small privileged Co-Admins. They can edit their service forum, they can manage staff and bans, they also help on their service :P

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    Re: Team Leaders

    I think Team leaders are a great thing to have as it takes a work load off of the admins that already have a lot of work to do especially on a forum like AC, however I can see General Discussion forums having a Community Team leader to keep all the Moderators in order and the like, but definitely not a necessity.

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    Re: Team Leaders

    I kind of agree with you sbfc. But some forum owners don't trust admins so if they wanted an admin they might put them as Community Team Leader or something really high up..

    It's a good feature to have for promotion forums because then only a limited amount of staff can deduct cash, etc.. So there shouldn't be too much problems with that..

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    Re: Team Leaders


    Team leaders are useful because they get to be the leaders of a group. For example, I was a package leader. I get to moderate my group to see if they're doing things well or not so well.

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    Re: Team Leaders

    I think that team leader are important on these kind of forums, but on a general chat forum i would just have a headmod.

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