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Thread: TheHazey Wins FOTM

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    I am proud to announce that this site has won it's first award: For the past few weeks members of the biggest promotion site on the net have been voitng in the Fourm of the Month Contest, I entered TheHazey as I did the month before and was not really expecting anything but the votes for the site from members on here and non members have been staggering and we were in a 3 way battle with two other fantastic sites, Combiboland and We Run This. Right until the final few days there was only a few votes between us, in the end we won by 3 votes.

    As we are still a very new site, it is a humbling award to recieve as there was some very stiff competition, I would like to thank everyone who voted for the site and for everyone who has put in the time to make this the site it is, the award is for you guys as much as me so enjoy it.

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    Woo hoo how good is this? I am so proud of Rich for his effort to the forum and the award is so well deserved, well done Rich and all our members at TheHazey

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