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    How important are good themes to you?

    I need a theme for a forum, if it is a skin I hate or it just looks bad, it usually turns me off.

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    Re: Themes

    As a user (:P) I personally don't mind if the theme isn't great providing the activity levels are high enough.

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    Re: Themes

    If a style doesn't catch my eye then most of the times I will ignore it, or if a theme makes me vomit (Lime green) .

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    Re: Themes

    I do like good themes but if it's not too bad I'll still stick around. It's when they get really bad and bright colours. Like pink or yellow or lime green, etc..

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    Re: Themes

    whenever i start a theme i always look for a theme that catches my eye and would be easy to edit and do adjustments to

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    Themes are one of the most important part of a forum in my opinion. I'd hate to post on a forum which had a crappy theme.

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    Themes are important, they represent your forum per say.

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    Very important as far as I believe . A bad theme can just ward off members . The theme should always be matching with the genre of the forum .

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    A theme is semi important to me, if i cant read the content or if theme is annoying, i wont be active.

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    Well, I don't want to join a forum with a sloppy theme.

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