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    How do you deal with trolls?

    We had one earlier and the posts were deleted and the member was banned. I also found out on MSN that the member was a bot.

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    Re: Trolls

    Usually it's a ban on sight. If it's a human spammer, then it's moderation queue, and then ban.

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    Re: Trolls

    I ban them on the spot if they are new, but if they have been on the forum for awhile i put them under mod supervision and after that i ban them.

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    Re: Trolls

    Never had a problem with trolls. Generally we f*ck with them as much as they f*ck with us so it's actually fun rather than annoying. But if I were to actually encounter a problematic troll, I'd probably put him on mod queue.

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    Re: Trolls

    Never really had troll problems in my times as an Administrator if anything we mess with them back and they don't like that so eventually they leave or they get banned

    I have had someone come in and impersonate theezy on one of my old advertisement boards.

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    The easiest way of dealing with them is to permanently ban them. That's what happens on my forum, but first time is a simple warning and I notify my staff to watch that member.

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