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    Unique things

    Does your forum have any unique things about it? If so, what are they?

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    Re: Unique things

    I wouldn't say mine does. I made the mistake of starting a forum for an area that is really oversubscribed, looking back i should of focused on something that wasn't so broad and had a lot less competitors.

    Offering something truly unique to visitors is a hard thing to do.

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    Re: Unique things

    Well I started as a gaming forum. Not very unique. I expanded into entertainment so that made it a gaming and entertainment forum. Not so unique there. I would say the more unique thing about my forum are the amount of mods I use to customize it. Plus the points system that I am greatly expanding on. So I hope in the end all that plus the time I spend on it can set it apart.

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    Re: Unique things

    Since I'm not staff on any forum other than Topsite 101 I'm going to use it. One of the unique things about Topsite 101 is that it has a topsite built directly into the forum. That's something I had yet to see on a promotion forum.

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    Re: Unique things

    My winds of fate~Kya Dark Lineage is super unique cause it's the only fan forum for kya dark lineage.

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