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Thread: Update E-Mails, How Many Times Until You Find The Sender A Spammer ?

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    So when do you find the forum or website own a spammer with sending update e-mails to your account ? I personally find getting an update e-mail or reminder each time a week considered spam, and thus the owner a spammer. It are poor ways of thinking to get dead members back, or trying to get something of interest in the update e-mail. Some time its not even 3 sentences long. I do find it so stupid to get an update e-mail 3 TIMES! That happened to me once but the owner then sends a forth e-mail explaining he didn't know he had sent it 4 times. I find it annoying to get double e-mails of the same update.

    So when do you find a forum owner a spammer ? I don't mind getting e-mails that contain value of content, like have lots ot tell you about the site.

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    i dont know, i always limit mine to only when completely necessary, i think in the 2 months my forum has been going, i have only sent out one or two
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