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Thinking back now, how many of you have when finished signing up, or during sign-up, actually filled in the profile input boxes? Age,Gender, About Me, etc and so forth?

As I think back I tend to remember clearly not filling them in, and even after signing up, I didn't because back then I did not tend to care about what people knew about me, and instead just getting my site out there, and posting, and having a good time. I lost alot of hopeful new members I could of received in my new site. Because I didn't tell them anything about myself or what I did.

Many sites you go to have an "About Us Page", explaining their origin, and upbringing, and who runs the site, and all sorts of goodies. A Forum that you visit has thr same thing. A Profile page, that displays everything you would need your members to know about you and what you do, and who you are.

By Filling this information in, you open a gate for the member to see. Posting quality information on a forums, and quality feedback, can almost guarantee a person visit your profile page, just to see if they can find anything else about you. So by offering them your website page, you may gain a new valuable member, by telling them your past, present and future status, you can let them know your experiences, and if they may come up with a job for you (whether paid or not).

This also gets you back-links to yours site, which is apart of the SEO factor. One simple thing, whether inside your site or outside, can gain you valuable members, future jobs (paid or not), and a better experience.

I hope you have enjoyed the article, and the potential insight to how you can use your profile to your advantage.

In my next article, I will further examine one of my previous articles entitled: Guide to Good Forums: Starting off and the basis around Step 1. This next article actually ties into this current article. (Keep that in mind).

Stay tuned for many more articles, and enjoy it for now