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    Do you have any form of validation on? I think Email validation is on at the moment though when I get round to it, it will be turned off.

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    I think we too have email validation on at the moment. I can't stand Admin validation, as that only makes more work for me and my co-administrator, whereas with email you just click on the activation link and you're in. So far, if this is true that it is on, we have had no spambots on our forum yet, which is nice.

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    I dont like Email Activation , Some users might not be bothered to activate there account and would probably say to themselves they will activate it later but then eventually forget about it, Its better to remove email activation and just add rCaptcha for the registration

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    I used an admin must activate the account feature on my first forum, but now I use an email activation, this is because I want my users to receive important updates regarding the forum. I do find email activations a bit annoying, but it is a way of safety and is there for a good reason.

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