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Thread: vBulletin vs SMF

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    vBulletin is the best forum software around, without any doubt.

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    I like SMF the best. But I don't know why people like vB more than SMF. The main reason for people liking vB is that its a premium one.

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    both have there own features but if you are going to build community for long time then i recommend you to use VB.
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    both are good in my opinion. it's about how you use the software and represent it to your members / guests.

    If you haven't got some money to invest in a vB license then I recommend using SMF!
    There are some plug-ins for SMF to make it as much SEO-Friendly as vB

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    Vbullettin Is good , but it costs . Webmasters with nice $$ can afford it . For a startup phpbb or SMF is best.My point is that all three are good.
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    MyBB is better than SMF in my experience and I haven't used VB.

    I have tried SMF, MyBB, BBPress and PHPbb.

    Personally, I find no reason to use anything other than the latest version of MyBB.

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