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Thread: vBulletin vs SMF

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    vBulletin vs SMF

    hey guys, which do you use, vBulletin or SMF for your forum needs? Personally, I use SMF because its free!

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    SMF is a good software, its simple to use, easy to add plugins, and very well managed. VBulletin is mainly for big companies that focus on long term goals for their forums. It has a lot of features and worth buying for. So overall, I'd go with VBulletin.
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    well i would go for MyBB actually

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    Well. even i'd say Vbullettin is the best considering many features, but among the free ones i'd prefer either SMF or PHPBB.

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    vBullettin is the better out of the two because hit has a lot of features, but yeah i agree that SMF is pretty good if your on a tight budget. If you have the money, use vBulletin.

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    You guys should try MyBB it is really cool! and it is very close to vbulletin

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    vBulletin or IPB is my choice hands down
    but if I was going free, I'm still a phpbb fan over smf, mybb or anything else
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  8. I personally prefer vbulletin. But for start up projects, I'll go with SMF for the first 6 - 8 months, just to see how the project goes. If I like how things go, and it looks like I want to keep the forum online past the one year mark, then I will buy a VB license.

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    If u can Spend some Money then i suggest u to go for Vbulletin

    Other Wise SMF or PHPBB
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    The period dramas forum that I run "for a client" uses SMF 1.1.8, and I'm quite happy with it.

    However, a little while ago, the forum was running an older version of SMF (I forget which version number) and it was hacked! The hack inserted some encrypted PHP code (which was a right pain to remove) into every single .php page on that website, and the code inserted loads of text (hidden with CSS) into every page. The hidden text was advertising casinos, etc., and contained links, so they were obviously trying to drive up the PageRank of their websites. Searching around, it seems to be quite a well-known hack.

    Anyway, the newer version of SMF has (apparently) fixed the exploit bug, and now the forum seems to be running OK...

    Update: This post reminded me to check the latest version of SMF, and it turns out that I was a couple of versions behind. So I've just upgraded to SMF 1.1.10, but the upgrade wasn't smooth; I had two problems that needed a bit of hacking to get past...
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