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Thread: Waht makes a good admin

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    what makes a good admin?

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    A good admin for me is someone who listens to their members and consults them aswell, alwyas active on their site and try to make thier site as unique and good as it can be alaways looking to improve aswell.

    but most of all for me they have to take on board all criticisms and not blow a top over it take it on the chin and try and improve on what people say.

    a perfect example of our not to admin is the guy that has imploded promotion source within 48 hours that is the complete opposite of a good admin.

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    Good admin shall have ability on taking care the forum and give support/help to the members. Besides, admin shall also have good knowledge in the forum niche too

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    Yes if you want an idea how not to be an admin look at Ps

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    If you want to see a bad admin look at PS

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    I would say helping members out where possible. If a member asks a question, then the admin should answer it. Also, when PM-ing a member, they should have some sort of courtesy and proper emailing etiquette, ie. professionalism.

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