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    RE: Website Mistakes

    My biggest mistake was choosing as a host.

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    RE: Website Mistakes

    One of my biggest mistakes was not deleting the .zip of a custom theme which was still on my server. It was downloaded a couple of times. =\

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    RE: Website Mistakes

    My biggest mistake was using a free forum host in my opinion.

    Especially as my forum is really big now, and they try to rip me off when i try to take it away from the host.

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    RE: Website Mistakes

    They all do, cause they don't wanna lose the service.. If I had something like that going I would do it for free... in my idea hopefully they will think about me next time when they someone needs a free forum that they can start from and they could reference me...

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    RE: Website Mistakes

    Handling much more things on my side then i can manage without knowledge of programming was my fault.

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    RE: Website Mistakes

    My biggest mistake was underestimating the growth of some forums and over estimating how much my host could cope with...

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