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Thread: What do you expect?

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    Talking homebizseo is a P-I-M-P moderator.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeeOne View Post
    What do you expect from moderators?
    Which qualities?
    In the forums I moderate I am very consistent, a forum is like a brick and mortar business it's customer service oriented, I delete spammed advertisements and give an infraction, on signature rules violation I remove the violation and ask them to correct it, I try to be fair, the goal is to have the community grow and its accomplish that if you are banning everyone.

    homebizseo is a P-I-M-P moderator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amol_cool View Post
    NON BIASED, should understand the situation carefully, one who doesn't loses temper and of course welcomes suggestions and complaints!
    I agree. The ability to put yourself above situations where you may or may not agree with one of two parties arguing is essential for not tainting a forum with bias.
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    On my forums, a moderator is expected to be able to do simple tasks such as lock threads, delete spam posts, ban members, etc while helping to provide an overall sense of friendliness.
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    Not to over moderate is the key.

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    Moderators should be respectful with members, no matter who is right or wrong.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mike30 View Post
    Moderators should be respectful with members, no matter who is right or wrong.
    That is sooo... important... and not always so easy.

    This creates two more important criteria for moderators -- the ability to give and take criticism with each other.

    One moderator might lose his patience with a forum member and another moderator should IM/PM that moderator and say "Dude! WTF? Take a day off."

    When you have a team of moderators who are afraid to question each other, you create a culture that self-reinforces its negative behaviors instead of controlling and minimizing them.
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    Here is the best admin, always have the room for improvement and accepting good suggestions.
    Hats of to you Will.

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    before hiring any moderator, get to know them as a friend, work on some projects together, then go , hey, your trustable, wanna be a mod? works every time
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    Quote Originally Posted by ranjithsf1 View Post
    Moderators should reply to evry new thread and to every PM they recive and should not ban simply for small reasons.
    Members should watch on what thread they reply and how they reply in order to avoid potential bans.

    For example if we take you:
    - you reply to the posts from last year (bumping threads)
    - that would be valid if you actually added something valuable
    - even if you reply to current posts, your posts are still without any real value to our members

    If moderator take a peak at your recent post he will only see one liners.

    Enough for me to give you permanent ban and delete all of your posts, luckily this time because of my good mood I will just delete mess left behind you.

  10. Just delete the freakin comment spammers. F/!+%//+ hate them!

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