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Thread: What made you get your own forum ?

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    What made you get your own forum ?

    The firt forum I joined was TWC a big community. I was quite known there but got into trouble latly, got lots of flame at me. And was tired of not being my own boss and having responsibility. so I searched and made a forum thanks to a sofware I don't know anymore but it sucked hard. I could not upload pics and more. So I asked a guy for help who told me to go to and voila my destiny had begone. :yea

    Whats your story ?

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    I have never had my own forum... I'd love to have one...

    I have been a MOD, Admin, Global Mod, Manager and now a Support Team member lol

    but to be honest if I started my own forum... I would have great difficulty in getting it up and started... I have though long and hard about it too lol

    I hope this forum goes along way! AND FAST!

    GOOD LUCK CF!!!!!

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    Well I mod a 200k+ very active site and admin a few not so active places.

    It's that urge where you want to shape everything how you want it e.t.c

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    I didnt know that many people into rock, metal, punk. I wanted to find more bands, so I created Headbangers Haven.

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    Because it is my hobby already.

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    I now have my own Forum! and it was thanks to a post by Master!

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    I wanted to make a forum that brought all people togather in one community. Sadly i have yet to gather members for my forum. Someday this dream will become reality.

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    In the past, I have had a tough time creating a forum. It's not that I couldn't choose the niche I wanted, it was the fact that I couldn't settle down to one host was what irked me. I would open a forum, leave it open for 2 weeks, and then close it again. But on topic, I have created my own forum because I was tired of all these forums with all these strict rules, rude staff and members, and I just wanted a place where we could lay back and have fun. Hence why Chatting Time was finally born on January 23, 2010.

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    alright part of mine is what ashley said ... well dang most of it i just wanted to i went out and went to a forum host ( witch sucked) it didn't fit any of my needs but back to what its about well i had a problem promoting my site so i was like im going to make a promotion site then i changed it a posting forum. for people and it dont cost anything at all but post you make and it turn helps promote the site. its more targeting new site and staled sites that need a kick start to get it back up and running

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    Re: What made you get your own forum ?

    Actually I have my own forum.. and it is... >>> it is based by New York Time's BestSelling Series of 2010. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It is a roleplaying site.

    I made this site cause I'm a fan of PJ and I love roleplaying

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