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Thread: What makes you join a forum?

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    Doesn't matter to me I'll just join it unless it's too hideous or ad-covered.

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    Activity, community and lay-out.

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    How active/friendly it looks.

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    To me, its got to have something I want from it, if its information, or whatever. I dont just join a froum just because its active, if its really active I may put some links in the signature, and then post for awhile.

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    If there is activity at the forum, and if the staff and members are nice.

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    Depends: if I am doing post exchanges or packages, then nothing the reward at tyhe end. if its because I want to actually use it (like this one ) then activity, good staff, and content

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    I want to join a forum if it's a decently sized one and has some benefits.

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    looks, activity, behaviour of staff & other members...

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    Niche and ability to advertise. I rarely, almost never become active on a site where I can't leave a link in my signature.

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    Usually I decide from these things:

    A unique theme, dedicated staff, and decent activity.

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