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    Re: What programming...

    I know html, css, and some php.

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    Re: What programming...

    - Html

    - Php

    - Xml

    - Java

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    Re: What programming...




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    Re: What programming...

    Nothing really. I wouldn't mind learning HTML and CSS though.

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    Re: What programming...

    [quote name="Ashley"]Nothing really. I wouldn't mind learning HTML and CSS though.[/quote]

    You should probably start out with HTML.

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    Re: What programming...

    I know basic HTML. Plan to continue with HTML and learn some CSS over the summer and in the future.

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    Re: What programming...

    I know the following languages...

    • [*:121mnx9f] HTML

      [*:121mnx9f] CSS

      [*:121mnx9f] PHP

      [*:121mnx9f] jQuery

      [*:121mnx9f] Javascript

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