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Thread: What puts you off?

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    What puts you off?

    What puts you off joining a forum/staying active on a forum?

    For me it's lack of activity, empty forums and a niche that doesn't appeal to me.

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    Re: What puts you off?

    Same as what makes you join a forum really but the opposite. So when joining a forum you want a good skin, etc.. But if it has a bad skin, I wouldn't really join.. Unless it was for a parcel or post exchange, etc..

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    Re: What puts you off?

    I dont really mind about the skin.. what i look for is a active community with good staff and members... lots of content and activity going on such as events , contests etc...

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    So many things put me off a forum, but the major one is the staff, staff that do not get along, staff that make up their own rules and act like they own the board when they really don't. That makes me so mad, and seeing trolling or flaming on the board. I like forums that are friendly.

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    Lol.. Umm what puts me off is when there's lack of activity, helpless staff, lack of a community, and everything is so strict. Graphics doesn't bother me so much. I mean, I can deal =P We don't go to a forum to look at the skin -- we go to post threads and topics, etc. To be a part of a community. So when the community is not great, I'd rather keep my distance in order to not get caught up in it.

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    Probably the skin and activeness of the community. I just don't like joining forums that have a very confusing and filled up skin. I like forums that are very neat. Also, if the forums are empty, no point in joining.

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    Lack of posts, terrible/too many smileys, or a BRIGHT theme.

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    The community, if it's mean and inactive you probably won't see me around...

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    Lack of activity. If there are no posts, it isn't a community.

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    I like the exchange of quality information.....

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