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Thread: When is the right time to get a Co-Admin ?

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    As the title suggests. I'll give my thoughts later in the topic

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    I had a co-admin when my board opened already. Easier to do that as you have some help along the way.

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    As long as you trust someone there is no time like the present but make sure you completely trust them otherwise dont do it.

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    I like my forums to be my forums Ive had a co-admin who helped spilt costs but that failed.

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    Once you open the board, because they would know how you would like ot run things, and they should understand more.

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    The right time to get a co-admin is when you're going on a vacation, need help with editing forum, etc

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    I don't beleive in co admins. I think co admins are like g mods with 5 new permissions.

    If i need a co admin, i hire a full admin.

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    Once your board gets popular, then you should look for someone you trust. They can seriously help you out with updates and stuff.

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    I got one for my forum when we got about 50 members. As i really trusted him and i thought he'd do a great job.

    And he has done a great job. I don't regret hiring him at all. We work on quite a few forums together actually. AND he knows the forum is still mine, and normally won't do anything major without asking.

    I'm blessed to have such great staff!

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