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Thread: Where You First A Member Or An Admin Of A Forum ?

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    I started with forums about a year ago, when a joined a big forum, and become thus a member. After some months I became admin of a forum.

    What where you first ? Admin or member on a forum ?

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    I became first a member in a big forum too. and its about twilight XD hahaha =))

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    i was first a member, then i was a mod, then after i had been a mod for a year i was given a job as admin, then i made my own forum.
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    I was a member first, but I eventually became an administrator at that first forum I joined.
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    I joined FP ages ago and I was first a member then after two years I am finally a reviewer. Now on most forums just a general contributor.

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    I was a member of a small lost forum first and I gradually worked my way up to Admin after a month or 2 there and decided to make my own forum. Thus, the FFF was born

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