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Thread: Why isn't my forum active and gaining members?

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    I’ve spent many years on promotion forums, and over the time, i have seen lots of posts about people asking why their forums haven’t become active or gaining members and closing them the next day. I personally have had quite a number of failed forums, but some very successful ones too, so i am going to share some of my tips and i hope they help you!..........

    Read the rest of my article here -

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    Kay thanks.

    Nothing I haven't read before.. but the internet is filled with newfa- newbies..

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    Pretty good article, thanks for sharing. I agree with pretty much everything said in it.

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    Nice article! I agree everything you written.

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    nice article cheers

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    Very nice share man. I'll read it now in a bit and hopefully I can pick up a few things.

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    Good article. It's good to read and learn new tricks everyday.

    Keep up the good work.

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