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Thread: Why more than 1 admin

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    I see a lot of small sites with more than one admin and having been an admin for best part of 10 years and have never had a 2nd admin yet, I honestly don't see the reason behind this, the only sites I find these them are the really big boards like FP

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    I don't see why you would need a second admin, fair enought you need staff but not extra admin

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    It depends on the genre. Sometimes admins have their own role for the forum, and need to be distinguished.

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    I have a second admin mainly to help with the technical side of things and to bring a lot of experience with IPB3 to the helm, also it's useful in case I'm gone and need someone to maintain the forum.

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    who is that sbfc?

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    el canadiano

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    [quote name='richazey' date='05 June 2010 - 11:04 PM' timestamp='1275739480' post='16888']

    who is that sbfc?


    You can view all staff here: Link

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    Im working on a new forum, and Im administering with another guy. The only reason is because me and him led BRG as a clan together, and were expanding.

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    Other admins are very useful. If you're away, they come in very handy or just if you're not on at the time and someone needs a name change or something it can really shorten your work load.

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