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Thread: Win A Free Domain! Posting Tournament in Hogwarts!

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    It has been longtime since I desired to hold a posting competition in Hogwarts, and therefore I decided now is the time I could Host it. So yes! its time for Posting Competition in Hogwarts!!


    Sign Up in[url=[ This Thread.[/url] The Sign Ups will be Opened till 21st of June 2010 Just reply in this thread saying "I am in" to sign Up. The sign Ups will be closed on 21st June 2010 and a New Thread would be made in the Hogwarts Stadium indicating the amount of Posts you had when the tournament starts. On July 22nd The Posting Competition ends and The Staff would evaluate who all posted how much posts and else.

    Posting In All Sections Are Valid, however if A tie occur, posting in the Magical Sections would be considered to decide on and the final Winner


    - Only Members who have been Sorted would be considered in for the Tournament

    - It is Best if you post in the Magical Section

    - Double Posting is not allowed anywhere in the Forums

    - Advertising Is Strictly prohibited Around the Forum


    What will be prize is the Most curious question all of you will be asking each time!

    Well, Here is The answer to It

    The Top Posting Champion will win a Free Domain (The Information of The Domain* will be Sent to the Winner via a OWL) and 2000 Points for Their House

    And The Second Prize would be 1500 Points for their House

    Yours Cordially

    The Dungeons Staff Team

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    Two days Left for the Tournament to Begin!!

    Get A Free domain by posting!!

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