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Thread: Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

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    Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

    What are some really bad Domain/Hosting experiences you have experienced?

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    Re: Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

    Well, if I ever have money to host. I refuse to use godaddy cause they are geared towards straight men and it bothers me.

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    Re: Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

    I used hosting24 which is also owned by 000webhost. I used them as my first host and it was very dumb of me of not looking up reliable domain providers. I recently requested to transfer out and get the EEP code and they told me I have to order there hosting which is non refundable to get the EEP Code. I have now gone to namecheap and they are the best yet! I don't like godaddy because there domain panel is confusing and they don't provide cheap or free privacy protection.

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    Re: Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

    Worst is..SiteFrost. Slow servers.

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    Re: Worst Domain/Hosting Experinces

    Sitefrost servers is slow because so many abuse their services and not enough people have server access to stop and quickly fix the issue. If you don't have enough server techs to quickly act when the server's go slow due to abuse then they need more staff.

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