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Thread: Worst Experience

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    What is your worst ever experience as a user of a forum?

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    There is a forum, but it is soooo full of hateful posts, I joined and after my intro post, as a user I was so disgusted with the forum I was done with it. Those replies to the intro post we not even nice, let alone any of the threads on it. Most of them contain hateful comments, spam, trolling, and flaming, and none of the mods do anything about it, they are a part of it! Big forum, if it's even considered that. Not a place I ever want to spend time at.

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    Way too many forums have corrupt administration.

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    One was displeasedly taken over by a 11 year old Scottish boy.

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    Flamers. Got to hate flamers. They won't stop annoying you.

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    When i was banned because i suggested to the owner to make a new section.

    He banned me for "telling staff what to do/ordering staff".

    Lol, they're loss.

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    Getting my account hacked when I was moderator on a forum, they person that did it deleted over a thousand posts and messed up my account (It was a new forum so that is quite a lot). My innocence was proven yesterday and I am now unbanned but my position as moderator was not given back. Also the guy who hacked my account and deleted the posts/topics admitted yesterday and made even more threats. Do not know why they picked me but they must of had a grudge with owner or something.

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    It will have to be when I got banned, and then when I registered again and pm'ed the admin, he said "Ohh, sorry, I wasnt thinking, why did I ban you?", stupid thing is, we were like friends till it happened. Worst experience right now.

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    Probably when I joined a forum and showcased my website on it. Then, it was instantly full of hateful posts that kept coming and coming. I love criticism but that was ridiculous, and eventually I finally got fed up and left. I don't think I'll be posting too much either.

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    Being blamed for rule violations I never committed. It happened to me on DNTemple, and they were shut down. So guess who had the last laugh...

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