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Thread: The Worst Part Of Running Forums?

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    What is the worst part of running forums for you?

    I would have to say when a modification or theme and it goes wrong finding the part where it goes wrong and then re-installing or the theme may be deleted but you can still download it. Sometimes trying to explain stuff to members who my not make sense or jump to one solution to another.

    Off course having some trolls and all that are annoying but the un-expected things about running forums matter the most.

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    The constant effort your giving into a forum and getting nothing back in return.

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    Well wait for that effort to kick in and members will give some good feedback in the future.

    Most admins who make constant efforts like yourself probably try to hard and just need to sit back and chill and get to know the members and when they grow fond of you they ain't shy like they were at first.

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    The time you have to spent in it to really make it work and not fail and die. Also installing mods that make the site get errors and then re-do it all or just don't and restore backup. I have had that and wasted some time on some mods that didn't work when I was done.

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    The hardest part is spending time on it to make it not fail and die. Finding a good theme and getting members is worst part I have to deal with.

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    [quote name='Darkray' date='22 July 2010 - 12:15 AM' timestamp='1279772153' post='18178']

    The constant effort your giving into a forum and getting nothing back in return.


    Hate.. This is the thing.

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    Finding a theme can never be hard when you have some money on hand, and know the right places where to start.

    Also I have found when releasing a forum gaining good active members is hard.

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