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Thread: Would you pay for posts?

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    Im thinking of doing a website where you buy a package for a team of posters to come and post on their forum. The min cost would be £2 / $3 for 50 posts within the board spilt over two accounts. And so on. Would this appeal to you if you come across such a site?

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    I do hire paid forum posters, yes. At the moment I'm not though due to a lack of any real funds.

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    I would pay for posts. Posts is what makes the forum popular.

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    Well my site is online now! No link to be handed out just yet tho haha! Im still doing a few minor adjustments. But if you want a package let me know. Im doing them now. Im currently in the middle of a 250 post package.

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    Sounds interesting, but I don't have the money at the moment to buy but good luck

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    No because you never know if you'll get your money back from forum revenue.

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    Maybe, depends on the amount they post.

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    It really depends on the forum, to me, I might.

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    I am paying people to post now.

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    I wouldn't pay people to post I mean yeah, post count is a huge deal, but I want members to post...if someone's getting paid to do it, then there's no...passion in it.

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