Simple Comment MOD 1.6.1

User Feedback: I love this mod, lets me think of Vbulletin, because they have it also but much more then you can have on PhpBB. There profile layout is just made for it while on phpBB it isn't really. But anyway: This mod allows for a great communication and to know more about someone, ask questions, etc ... Overal this mod makes you use your profile more and being able to get close or learn more about people. This mod can also be used to keep contact between staff, everything in general really.

Download topic:

Additional Notes: It says you do it in 10 minutes, if you are not expierience with installing mods you will likly do it in 25 or more ... I did about 40 minutes on installing it. Don't forget to add new module to manage your new MOD.

mChat MOD 1.2.6

User Feedback: We just moved from comment to mChat and let me tell about it. mChat is a great mod for big boards or board that have many members of the same timezone, that are online at the same time. If you're not online at the same time (like 4 people) this mod isn't really useful. But this is a very nice mod to use if you use it you know, if you do not use it you should not install it.

Download topic:

Additional Notes: Is faster done then commend MOD, only need to check and re-do the permissions of the groups your board uses.

So who of the 2 mods you prefer and why ?