This is the great debate on the Internets best forum software. Personally I believe IP.Board to be the best paid community software available on the market today. I'm going to explain to you why shortly, but I want you to either agree that it's the best, and add some reasons, or disagree why it's the best and attempt to refute my points in a mature and civilized manner.

IP.Board is simply the best because of the support and additional software they are able to offer with it. Having just a forum won't cut it in the internet world today, anyone can do that. What's need to make a great successful community is more than just user interaction between each other via text in messages. IP.Board offers a slew of solutions to fill the void, and at a very affordable price for the highest quality. The gallery software is fantastic for communities centered around images and media. The IP.Content application is hands down the best CMS software available for any forum software. IP.Blogs gives the users the ability to have their own blog and create up to date entries with information that can easily be followed by their friends and forum visitors.

Another reason I love IP.Board over other paid software is the modification community. While small, it has useful apps, and not all the garbage of other modification communities. When an app is created for IP.Board, it adds awesome functionality and not just some simple feature that isn't needed like automatically inserting 1 link in the footer.

Those reasons above are why I feel that IP.Board is the best forum software around, what software do you think's the best and why?