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Thread: Favourite forum software

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    Re: Favourite forum software

    I like mybb and phpbb.

    Phpbb is really customisable, but requires hard work for mod installing on each theme.

    Mybb is really easy to use, the mods are one click install; the themes for it suck though.

    vB and IPB are expensive. vB also has a clunky admin panel, and usually vB themes aren't that original. + Jelsoft only cares about moolah.

    (whenever I see those dreaded vB icons I know it is vB...)

    IPB has tons of features that a lot of people don't use.

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    Re: Favourite forum software

    phpBB. Best forum software around.

    My second favorite wold be vBulletin.

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    Re: Favourite forum software

    I love vBulletin, because I'm more used to it. I don't think that the acp is clunky. The people that think this probably have only seen screenshots and never actually used it and think it's bad. Plugins are easier to add with just xml files. phpBB mods are hard to install for the novice admin, while MyBB has a plugins system of vBulletin. IP.Board styles suck and rarely ever get any useful activity.

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    vBulliten is very expensive and I would like to use it, but I'm not about to spend $200 bucks for forum software when I can use IPBfree and Zetaboards and still make a great forum, just will take a bit more work to get members.

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    The only software I have ever used extensively is phpBB. It's perfect for my purposes.

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    IPB all the way for sure! Always liked how easy it was to mod it, I prefer InvisionFree, its free and you can add ALOT of mods.

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    My favorite forum software has to be MyBB because it's simple to administrate.

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    I like PHPBB's features the most of all. But I like MyBB's user interface more. I like another softwares styles more than the others. I wish I could combine them all together! But overall, phpbb is my favorite.

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    I wouldn't have a vBulletin forum, unless my forum was massive and I could get most of the money back with advertising, because it costs so much; it's not worth taking the chance if you forum might just fail. PhpBB3 is the best imo, it's free, modification is easy and lots of mods available for free.

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    I'd have to say vBulletin.

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