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Thread: [IPB] - Install Invision Power Board In 3 Minutes

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    It's our weekly wednesday how-to video. This video we made will show you how to install IP.Board on local host in about 3 minutes. With a local host test you can always test new updates or upgrades before making them on your live site. Don't worry about your forum crashing because of a bad modification, or because you got in over your head tech wise.

    Having a test install is the smart way to do things before making any changes to your live forums!

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    It would be really helpful to have a guide on how to set up a local host.

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    [quote name=&#39;simon&#39; timestamp=&#39;1281970582&#39; post=&#39;23776&#39;]

    It would be really helpful to have a guide on how to set up a local host.


    You could just use an online, free host. Or watch a tutorial on YouTube how to set one up.

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