Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Board 3.1.2 and its Applications

  • IP.Board 3.1.2

    Fully featured community platform including forums, members profiles, calendar, status system, integration, and much, much more.
  • IP.Gallery 3.2.2

    Categories and photo albums for your members to share their images and videos on your community.
  • IP.Blog 2.2.2

    Allow you and your members to post blogs on your community or syndicate externally hosted blogs easily.
  • IP.Downloads 2.2.2

    Complete file management application including file version control, commenting, and forum topic linking.
  • IP.Content 2.0.2

    Content management for your community - run a full web site or a simply community portal. The possibilities are endless.
  • IP.Chat 1.1.2

    Engage your members in real time chat or send them private chats while in the chat room.

In addition to the core software, the following products and services are also available:


You can download these releases in the client area and begin enjoying the new features. You might also read our general upgrading instructions for our software.

What's New

We have fixed many dozens of reported issues and added new features including:

Donations for Autism Research and Support

Our recent fund drive for autism research has been a success. As of today, we have reached our goal of $1000! All the funds were raised from our community of customers and we would like to express our sincere thanks for your donations.

Invision Power Services is happy to be able to 100% match all donations made by our community. Therefore, we are thrilled to be able to make a donation of $2000 to Autism Speaks on behalf of the company and our customer-community. Again, you have our sincerest appreciation for your generosity during this fund raiser.