In the first part of the MyBB 1.6 sneak previews, we shared just four of the 49 brand new features included in MyBB 1.6. Here are some more:

Delayed Moderation

With delayed moderation, you can tell the forum to perform a moderation action at a desired time in future. For example, you can set a thread to be deleted after X days, remove the the redirects to a thread in Y days or unstick a thread after Z days. In short, you don’t even have to be there to moderate your forums!

Users Online in Thread

Just like you can see who is online in a forum, with MyBB 1.6 you can see who is online in a thread!

Group as Moderator

In 1.4 you could add moderators for a forum only by inserting their usernames. In 1.6, however, you can give the name of their group (such as Moderators) to MyBB, and it will assign the permission to all of the members of that group!

Removing/Changing Votes

In MyBB 1.6 you can permit some or all of the users to change or remove their votes in polls.

User Notes for Mods and Admins

Administrators and moderators can now post some user notes on the profiles of other users.

These notes can only be seen and edited by administrators and moderators.

More Secure Admin Login

MyBB 1.6 sets a maximum number of attempts to login to Admin Control Panel. If someone (probably a hacker) fails to login to the system after several attempts, the system will lock the admin account and an email will be sent to the admin with instructions about unlocking the ACP. This means hackers can’t try to guess your admin password any more!

Thanks for reading!

There are even more features that will make your MyBB experience even better. Stay tuned to find out more about MyBB 1.6!

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