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    What are your thoughts on phpBB?

    I think it's very good, my second choice software behind IPB through personal experience.*

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    Its ok but its not my favorite. Doesn't have a lot of features if i am honest, but the Admin Control panel is very good and easy to use.

    My Top Four.

    1. Invision Power Boards

    2. vBulletin

    3. PhpBB

    4. MyBB

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    phpBB3 is the best free forum software out there.

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    [quote name='TayneC8' date='15 April 2010 - 10:05 PM' timestamp='1271361957' post='13632']

    phpBB3 is the best free forum software out there.


    I agree. The only big downside with phpbb3 is the lack of spam protection.

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    I've used all of the major forum software out there. phpBB 3 is a major step above phpBB 2, which was so badly behind it wasn't even funny (that ugly 1990s forum software). It's much more secure, new features have mostly been requests (the good ones), and they're catching up bit by bit. Having said that, their software as a whole still is behind. They've been desperately trying to catch up by adding features on maintenance releases. I've noticed that when they finally got quick reply up, it's still there even if the thread is closed. MOD installation is also a pain, considering you have to go through miles of file edits. The hardest MyBB mods only require maybe 5 minutes to install. All you do is upload via. FTP/cPanel and activate. It takes even less time on SMF, because the Admin CP can directly install the zip package which the mod comes with.

    Having said that, it could be worse. I'm sure phpBB's forum support is better than vBulletin's ticket support (I have full rights to say that since I used to be a vBulletin license holder), if ever of you ever will own a vBulletin. I know already phpBB is less buggy and more efficient in space/bandwidth than vBulletin is. However, that's for another day.

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    Yes, i am also Using PhpBB. and since its Templates are editable in free versions, I use it frequently inorder to incoprate new features

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    Here's my thoughts about phpBB, way too hard to install modifications.

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    I don't dislike it as a member, but as the admin, its quite a hassle.

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    [quote name='Coppa' date='16 April 2010 - 08:42 AM' timestamp='1271403771' post='13532']

    Here's my thoughts about phpBB, way too hard to install modifications.


    Give over, so you are saying its hard to copy and paste as thats all it is you have a xml file telling you which fill to edit and where to edit etc, jesus it is idiot proof and for a long term users hope they never have a mod plugin system

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    Coming from a software which had extensive file edits myself (IPB 2.3), did you ever give the other guys a fair chance and seen how their systems worked?

    For someone like MyBB for example, most of their guys whose forum works are the ones who have taken the time to do file edits elsewhere and have gotten fed up. I wouldn't recommend MyBB to a first timer.

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