AutoMOD 1.0.0-RC4 Released

The Modifications Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the fourth release candidate for AutoMOD, our automated MOD installation tool. There have been a large number of bug fixes, a feature addition and some large code changes. Refer to the changelog for more details.

About AutoMOD

AutoMOD is a tool for installing MODs in an automated manner. It performs the file edits for you. Because it is still in RC stage it's not fully stable yet. Therefore we suggest you not to use it on a live board yet. However, we encourage you to use it for testing purposes if you are a MOD author. We also encourage testing because we want to move quickly to a stable release.

Getting started

Find more information and a download link on the:

AutoMOD page

The source is available from the code forge under the GNU GPL version 2


On the download page there are also translations available. If you would like to translate AutoMOD to your language, send a PM to A_Jelly_Doughnut.

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