With Libertyvasion right around the corner I'm sure some of you are excitedly waiting for the event to get here and possibly want to get some nice phpBB-swag to wear for it. So we'd like you, the phpBB community, to submit design ideas for a t-shirt. We welcome any designs that you may have in mind and have the means of saving as an image file of some sort and presenting to the rest of the community. If you think you have a design that will be a nice representation of phpBB you are welcome to post a sample of it to this topic as an attachment and maybe an explanation of what you've designed if it's not clear. Be prepared to receive criticism (constructive hopefully ) from other Community members and from the rest of the staff.

At the end of this week (or next week if need be) we'll hopefully have enough designs and critiques to make a final selection/decision. The prize will obviously be that your design will be selected and announced here on the site and we'll mail you the printed t-shirt soon as we order them and get them in. You'll also get your very own Bertie and phpBB team polo shirt.

Above all else, have fun!

P.S. In case it was lost above, the topic to post your submissions is here.

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