Hello everyone,

Our friends at OSUOSL will be performing some maintenance on the phpBB servers tomorrow at 17:00 UTC (click for local times around the world) that requires *.phpBB.com websites to be offline for a couple of hours. If everything goes according to plan, we expect to be up and running by 18:30 UTC.

As this question has been raised in the past, I would like to preemptively point out that this maintenance does not affect your phpBB board, as it is not hosted on our servers. If you happen to have trouble reaching your board during these hours, it is purely a coincidence and you should proceed to contact your hosting provider as usual to report the outage.

Additionally, please do not be alarmed if the version checker in the administration panel is unable to fetch the latest version data during this time.

Thank you,

The phpBB Team

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