The MOD Team is pleased to announce that June - August 2010 will be the Summer of MODs! All MOD authors who submit a modification to the MOD DB and have it approved this summer will go into the running to receive a phpBB T-shirt and a Bertie Bear.

Additionally, the MOD Team has compiled a list of modifications that we would like to see in the MOD DB. MOD authors who submit and have approved one of the following MODs will go into a separate running to receive a phpBB T-shirt and a Bertie Bear.

The list of MODs is as follows:

MOD authors interested in writing any of the above 6 MODs please send me a private message expressing your interest so I can update this post with a link to your development topic.

The two winners will be selected by the MOD Team and will be announced at Libertyvasion 2010.

Thank you,

The phpBB MOD Team

P.S. You can discuss this announcement here.

P.P.S. Just so nobody is caught by surprise when it happens, 3.1 will be due out at the end of this year or the following year. At that time these MODs may or may not work with the new plug-in-style architecture of that new version. That's just an FYI for those planning on participating. This shouldn't really mean a whole lot with regards to this competition but it's more of a pre-emptive warning.

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