The Support team is pleased to announce the release of Support Toolkit 1.0.1, this release is mainly focused on improving the the overall stability as well the usability of the Support Toolkit.

New features:

With this release the Support Toolkit is extended with the following new features.

  • Critical repair tool that validates all phpBB files for any content outside the php tags. (Bug #47435)
  • Merge users tool. (Tool by toonarmy)
  • Tool to recalculate email hashes. (Bug #56425)
  • Tool to re-add deleted users and link them to the new profile. (Bug #56465)


Besides new features, this release includes some larger changes to system.

  • If there is a UMIL installation available in phpBB use that one over the included version.
  • Rewrote the database cleaner to be more flexible/easier to maintain.
  • The BBCode reparser now no longer reparses only posts with the bbcode_bitfield set.
  • Rewrote critical repair tools system to be pluggable. (Bug #59725)
  • The reparse BBCode tool now reparses BBCodes in PMs and signatures (Bug #60645)

Bug fixes:

This release fixes the following bugs.

  • Corrected some language related issues. (Bug #58625, #58635)
  • Sql query tool doesn't decode htmlspecialchars when running a query. (Bug #59755)
  • Redirect to the correct page after logging in if phpBB > 3.0.6.
  • Manage founders tool unusable when there are no founders. (Bug #60155, patch by D¡cky)
  • Properly insert poll expiration times when reparsing BBCode. (Bug #60275)
  • Properly insert topic time length when reparsing BBCode. (Bug #61155, patch by D¡cky)
  • Removed some phpBB version dependant code.
  • [Fix] Let the BOM sniffer correctly handle the install/ directory when re-named. (Bug #62142)
  • [Fix] Provide a more useful message when the BOM sniffer couldn't remove the store/bom_sniffer directory. (Bug #62143)
  • [Fix] Correctly handle directories that shouldn't be checked by the BOM sniffer. (Bug #62145)


When updating from any older Support Toolkit version first delete the old "stk/" directory before uploading the new version.


Translations for this version can be found on the translation download page. If there isn't a translation available in your language and you've created one you can send the package to Phil.

If you are unfamiliar with the toolkit, please see the Support Toolkit page.

As always, assistance with installation, updating or any of the tools provided with the Toolkit is available in the Support Forum. Please submit any bugs/suggestions to the Support Team Tools bugtracker.

Thank you, and enjoy.

The phpBB Team

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