The Modifications Team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.0.3 "Countdown to Libertyvasion Edition" of UMIL, the Unified MOD Install Library.

UMIL is a library for MOD authors that enables them to easily create database installation and update scripts for their MODs. It provides unified methods to access phpBB's API for adding modules, adding permissions, modifying the database, and more.

We require MODs containing UMIL that are newly submitted to the MODDB to contain this new version. In order to update the UMIL release included with your MOD just replace the old UMIL folder with the new one. No other changes are required.

How to get it:

You can get UMIL and more information from the UMIL page.

What's new:

The following was changed in this release:

  • [Fix] Correct table prefix #62118
  • [Fix] Fix the create_table_sql for postgresql properly #61365
  • [Feature] Ability to specify a custom table prefix to be used
  • [Change] Remove the update check in stand-alone mode, it caused problems in some situations

Please report any bugs you encounter to the tracker.

The Modifications Team

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