User Feedback:A portal can be of great use if you know for what a portal is on a forum. And what you need to do with it to make sure it does its function for what it was made in the first place. On forumotion for example you have on the index "Today's top 20 posters" & "Overall top 20 posters" that is one of the many neat features the portal has. On formotion you can't edit it it always shows 20 people I belief. For phpbb when you go to your portal you can click edit on it and choose how many top posters you want to be shown. That is one of the many little features it has.

It is also a great way to save up space when you have a to long index for example. Instead of putting annoucment on the indexing front forums you can put it in a sub-forum. And copy paste it and change some of it and put in in the portal. You can let people have to go to there to read news or updates regarding your site. You can also do allot more then I haven't told you. I give this a 7/10 of score. This mod is recommend if you use it and know what you want to do with it.

Download topic: ... &t=1179085

Additional Notes: You should not get a portal mod added to your site if you just do it for the show that you have an extra tab in the navbar. You should also use it.

Again discuss the mod or ask questions about it we will try to help you with. But recommended like always use the site and post in the topic of that mod.