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Thread: SMF 2.0

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    What do people here think of the latest version of SMF?

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    To be honest its the same as the old version of SMF, but I don't look into SMF that much so there might be more than you can see.

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    So far, most of the features I've seen are mostly usability options. OpenID was the right way to go, as was using for loops to automatically produce links on forums and stuff. Overall, it's decent, and SMF's already very user-friendly software is going one more notch. However, with the rise of SEO, I'd love to see a more focus on that.

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    Well, I don't use SMF. But I can say that they did a pretty good job. I like the feature where you can just type in the URL and it will install a mod to your forum.

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    They've made it more advanced and tried to bring it to the look a like of Vbull. Ill use it as a free forums any day.

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