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Thread: Software- Does it effect you joining/posting on a forum?

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    As the title suggests, does the software make any difference to your activity levels on a forum, or does it even stop you joining full stop?

    Personally, it may affect my activity levels if I don't like the software but it won't make any difference to me joining if the content is good.

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    Well if the forum is vBullentin or phpBB3 i will post a lot more, as they're my favourite softwares.

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    As long as it isn't vBulletin 4, then I'm good (they're the slowest mainly because of the software).

    Software isn't a major thing to me other than that, though. As much as I think phpBB 3 is behind the others in features and when they add stuff, I won't refuse to join a phpBB forum.

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    if its vB i won't join, can't stand it

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    I doesn't really effect me that much but I don't really like SMF that much but if the forum community is good then I don't think the forum software would stop me from joining.

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    It never really did before, although now I have to admit that I'm more likely to join a forum if it's IPB or vBulletin.

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    Well kinda. I would not join a ForuMotion or SMF forum.

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    do not like forums with slow or unresponsive software....

  9. doesn't affect me especially if i'm promoting and building links to my new sites

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    If its not IPB, Vbull 3 or phpbb3 i wont join.

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